Lao Study

Lao Vida provides training in the Lao language for foreign workers.  Our teachers are all trained to understand the language learning needs of foreigners when confronted with the peculiarities of the Lao language.  We have a range of training programs depending on your preferred learning style.  Have a look below at the different options that are available for you to choose from.

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GPA means "growing participatory approach". In this method, you will spend a lot of time listening at first, so your ear becomes attuned to the sounds of the Lao language. It is a highly interactive approach, based on listening, learning a lot of vocabulary, and learning to speak through telling stories.
This is a great approach to language learning for those who like talking and don't so much enjoy book-type study. It does require intensive time commitment at the start.

Conversation Stages

In the Vida conversation program, you will learn conversational Lao from the start. Your first lessons will be based around normal "getting-to-know-you" conversations and everyday greetings. You would then move into practical everyday needs, such as going to the market, talking about health and sickness, ordering food in a restaurant.

You will have a textbook, but the early lessons are written in Lao and in phonetic style. This means that you will not be required to read and write Lao on day 1, but will spend a little time each session in learning the writing system.


Lao literacy

Lao Vida has designed a program for learning to read and write in Lao. This program can be approached in many ways. You can choose to do an intensive course focussing on reading and writing, with the aim that within 2 months you will be able to read and write. Or you can take a slower approach and combine literacy with communication skills, using the conversation stages mentioned above.

Road Map

University Lao

For those who love to learn in a more academic style, Lao Vida also uses the Dong Dok University Lao textbooks for foreigners. The first step in this program is learning to read and write Lao, as the textbooks use the Lao script from the start.